Structural formwork

The 3DR® product


> Presentation

3DR® Structural Formwork is a hand portable formwork used to carry out reinforced concrete works, it allows to reduce not only construction sites constraints and risks, but also the time of completion of the works.

It can be used up to the most complex architectural forms (S curves, slopes, thicknesses, etc.) by improving at he same time the structure durability and its paraseismic properties.


> Description

 The 3DR® process is made of:

  • a rigid reinforcements cage
  • 1 or 2 casing faces

The 3DR® reinforcements cage is a laced three-dimensional cage, each panel is manufactured in factory and preformed with the precise straight or curve geometry and veil, thus its thickness (of some dm to several meters) as well as its steel density are dimensioned to measure. Moreover, the positioning of these steels is optimized on both sides of the neutral fibre.

According to the project, the cage comprises 1 casing face, (veil against ground, veil against existing …) or 2 casing faces for the other applications.

A casing face can be filtering, insulating, sealed, or have specific fire or mechanical resistances.

In all cases, at least, a metal filter face or a special composite material for corrosive atmosphere is fastened on the frame.
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