Structural formwork

3DR® Technology®


3DR® technology is based on:

  • the cage ability to evacuate water excess
  • the laced design of the frame

At the time of pouring, water contained in the concrete is instantly evacuated through the filtering face(s), thus, the hydrostatic pressure is instantly attenuated by more than 80%, the e/c ratio then becomes optimum. That generates:

  • a negligible setting shrinkage
  • suppression of cracking problems  
  • an increase in the compressive strength of the structure

These 3 consequences confer to the structure a greater durability and a reduction in service and maintenance costs (see graphs according to tests in E.N. Ponts and Chaussées, ENSAM and LRPC hereafter).

Structural formwork 

Structural formwork 

3DR® technology is also based on the particular connections of the welded steel mesh by laced reinforcements. This design, when the structure carried out with a 3DR® structural formwork is subjected to mechanical constraints, shows the following characteristics:

  • a progressive fracture
  • a greater deformation
  • deletion of dangerous projections

Such a behavior is particularly required in seismic zones.

 Concrete formwork

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